MWB Produce Subscription Service


General Description of the MWB Produce Subscription Plan:


The MWB Produce Subscription Plan is a service, designed to supply customers with a regular provision of the freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious fruits, vegetables, and herbs available to meet their individual and/or family needs.  We will strive to provide you with as wide a variety of produce as we can, within the limits of the growing conditions we receive.  Specific customer tastes will be respected, but please realize that the more restrictive these are, the less variety will be possible.  We will accept changes to your subscription at any time during the season, but please allow a 1-week notification period before requested changes will take effect.


Subscriptions are available as bi-weekly (pick-up only), weekly, every-other-week, or monthly arrangements during the growing season (approximately mid-April through early-mid November).  MWB tries to keep in line with current market prices for various items.  The base subscription rate is $10.00 per delivery with a 10% bonus; additional bonus will be given for pre-payment and customer pick-up.  (For example: if you choose to have $15.00 worth of produce delivered once per week, you will actually receive $16.50 worth in your parcel.)  An invoice will be included with your produce, listing the specific items and varieties you receive.  If you particularly like or dislike items or varieties, please let us know!


Canned, processed, and baked goods, as well as plants produced or grown by MWB can be included in the subscriptions, if requested, and will be delivered along with your produce.  You may request these items on a regular or single-time basis.  Specific availabilities and prices can be sent to you via e-mail, or a print listing can be included each time with your regular order.  Baked goods are made to order; please allow at least one week advance notice for these items.


To receive a subscription contract to fill out, call or e-mail MWB Produce or click here to download and print your own.