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Owned and operated by Sharon D. Wenger & Jim Deters

Philosophy Behind MWB

I have loved to garden since I was a kid. Even as a college student I kept a garden as my living situation would allow (sometimes this meant the "garden" was in a bucket or tub). Once out on my own, my interest grew and developed, as did my gardens, and in recent years I have begun to specialize in new, strange, and unique varieties.  I have most of the old and standard items too.  I added fruit trees, shrubs, and vines to my repertoire, as well as many houseplants.  I began marketing my excess produce out of the back of a pick-up some fifteen years ago and now intentionally grow sufficient quantities to sell.  As of 2007, I am offering a Produce Subscription Service. 

We try to keep our operation as chemical-free, natural, and organic as we can, but sometimes this is simply not possible when a specific pest or problem threatens crops or animals.  We do not market any chemically treated item until the manufacturer's specified "entry time" has been exceeded, and we wouldn't attempt to sell any product that we, ourselves would not consume or feed to our families.  Our animals are raised outside, although not totally “free-range”, as that would simply feed the varmints.  We do not use any growth regulators or “blanket” antibiotics or pesticides.

We process our extra fruits and vegetables into a wide variety of canned goods: pickles, relishes, jams, salsas, and the like.  In addition, I do custom baking, especially during the holiday season.  We no longer do much resale business, as we simply do not have the time.  MWB T'n'T (this and that) still exists, but we do not hold regular sales any more; just once or twice a year, as time permits.  Take a peek in the General Store for a complete listing of available items and prices.

I hope you enjoy our web page and that you'll check out our offerings, either by appointment or watch for ads in the Trading Post or on Craig’s List!

Ordering Info

Although the General Store link is not yet active, I can e-mail availability and price lists.  I do have some canned goods and houseplants in stock and will accept orders for Baked Goods as I can produce them.  I will also accept Bedding Plant orders until the end of February - after that, it will depend on how much extra I have, but there will  be some available for purchase beginning in late March.  Fresh produce will become available, hopefully in early April.  Availability and prices will be posted here on the site, in the Trading Post, and on Craig’s List.  As other items and services become available, they will be added.

To place an order:

Contact me via e-mail, phone, or by snail-mail.  I can provide delivery service for local orders - pricing and limitations are on the above-mentioned list.  


Contact Information:



(785) 842-5156; Cell: (785)766-1284


MWB Produce

1247 N 900 Rd

Lawrence, KS  66047-9601



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